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euroclust products are sold under the brand name “euroclust”. All our sophisticated euroclust products are made by renowned top range manufacturers from all over the world. Before becoming part of our “euroclust” product range, they are carefully and critically selected by the euroclust management following joint discussions and decisions.

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Our suppliers mainly concentrate on Research and Development and Manufacturing, whilst the euroclust organization is in charge of Sales and Marketing for the euroclust products in entire European market.

The euroclust organization is capable to identify new developments and trends in the European FO market very quickly and to translate them swiftly and without bureaucratic complications into actual products or product modifications, thus allowing us to keep our costs at a low level.

We focus mainly on the quality of our products – comparable to the so-called “master minds” – and on impeccable service in regard to customer support, product availability, reliability and, last not least, prices that offer good value for money.

Thanks to the world-wide cooperation network with high-performance development and manufacturing companies, euroclust can also help to put specific new, innovative product or system concepts from our European customers into practice at interesting costs. To make such projects happen, euroclust will select the most suitable supplier world-wide.