Systems - Patch Assist

PatchAssist is able to identify patch field allocations in real time. This is essential in order to document network and cable structures comprehensively and failure-free. RFID technology constitutes the core of the system. Each connector is fitted with an RFID tag bearing a unique number which allows to identify each patch cable and its position in a patch field. Each port has its own tag reader which detects plugged connections immediately and signals the unique cable identification number of the identified connector to the system server.


PatchAssist is available for various types of hardware. It is a versatile retrofittable solution for patchpanels, street-side cable distributors and ODF frames of various brands. In case you are a manufacturer of patch management solutions, we can offer you the adoption of our PatchAssist solution tailored for your hardware to make it ready for Automated Infrastructure Management.

A centralized management software monitors the connections to each rack, equipped with PatchAssist, to evaluate all status information gathered on the passive network and to save them in a central
database. It also provides an HTTP/REST interface which enables data exchange with foreign systems, such as separate cable management systems or DCIM applications.

Additionally, it contains a browser-based management interface with intelligent user control options. Authorized users can manage the hardware subsystem
via the user interface.

  • RFID based
  • Workorder Mode
  • Multiple Hardware
  • API & ISO/IEC 18598